Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My attorney likes when people write songs about me and leave them on teh internets!

Don`t Sweat The Technique

Let's trace the hints and check the file
Let see who bit to detect the style

I flip the script so they can't get foul.
At least not now, it'll take a while
I change the pace to complete the beat
I drop the bass,'till mc's get weak.
For every word they trace, it's a scar they keep...
'Cause when I speak, they freak
To sweat the technique

I made my debut in '86
Wit a melody and a president's mix
And now I stay on target and refuse to miss
And I still make hits

wit' beats, parties, clubs, in the cars and jeeps
My underground sound vibrates the streets
MC's wanna beef then I play for keeps
When they sweat the technique

Don't Sweat the Technique

They wanna know how many rhymes have I ripped in rep., but
Researchers never found all the pieces yet
Scientists try to solve the context
Philosophers are wondering what's next
Pieces are took to last who observe them
They couldn't absorb them, they didn't deserve them
My ideas are only for the audience's ears

For my opponents, it might take years
Pencils and pens, are swords

Letters put together form a key to chords
I'm also a sculpture, born with structure
Because of my culture, I'm a rip and destruct the
Difficult styles that'll be for the technology
Complete sights and new heights after I get deep
You don't have to speak just seek
And peep the technique

But don't sweat the technique

I speak indiscreet cause talk is cheap
Then I get deep and the weak then complete their
Pull with a seat, never weak or obsolete
They never grow old techniques become antiques

Better then something brand new 'cause it's radiant
And the wild style'll have much more volume
Classical too intelligent to be radical
Masterful, never irrelevant: mathematical
Here's some soothing souvenirs for all the years

They fought, and sought, the thoughts and ideas
It's cool when you freak to the beat
But don't sweat the technique

Don't sweat the technique


Anonymous said...

It's an intersting song. But why does your attorney like it?

Anonymous said...

Because her attorneys are Eric B. & Rakim

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to decipher Keri's cryptic message so that normal people can understand it.

She is trying to say that every post made and every email sent has a traceable address that she will use as evidence in her case. She is also trying to say that she doesn't need to say anything at all. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. It's part of her technique. Finally she is saying that it may take years to prove her case, but in the end she will come out victorious. So don't sweat her technique.

Frankly I think she's a mental patient... But whatever.

Anonymous said...

The author lacks the same footing on solid ground that most mental patients take for granted. Acquiring the IP addresses of commenters (anonymous or otherwise) would require issuing a subpoena to Google. This is something even Keri's as-advertised-on-TV lawyers wouldn't advise, because even they're aware that Keri's feelings of butthurt have real world limitations.

Also, they'd like to get paid someday, and they're only going to go so far for an unemployed (and unemployable) client.

Anonymous said...

The fruitcake has a counter on her page that gives her the IP address of everyone who has visited this blog. In typical fashion she will take those numbers and try to create problems for everyone who speaks out against her.

She seems to forget that there is something in this country called Freedom of speech. You would think that a so called radio professional would know that.

If she ever targeted me with her stupidity, I would take my own bit of evidence and file a counter suit that would make her head spin. She could forget about working. She would be spending her days in a court room. So she better be very careful with who she messes with.

Anonymous said...

Just a resident of Niagra who tried to post on a view from battleship. Guess I did not make the cut, whatever. Why does a local radio station continue to promote a strip club in my neighborhood? If they are looking for zoned business why not put the club at the Elsbree rotary behind the Fordney projects? The parcel has been for sale for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

tonight on the police scanner the police were called to 39 bond st. something about a fight with baseball bats where were you earlier this evening? just kidding lol!